Check out the Guidance Tool to get a good overview of the CircularStart online course and the most relevant learning units dependent on your current „Circular Economy Readiness Level“. The Guidance Tool will help you better understand the course and its contents.

The main output of the CircularStart project is the online course, which aims to help startups integrating Circular Economy and sustainability principles into their business models. It is divided into four course modules based on the themes Ideation, Integration, Validation and Implementation. The contents are designed as a self-paced learning experience and are available for free.

We have developed a number of addititional resources for the course:

  • A narrated presentation giving an overview of the course contents
  • A trainers manual, addressing incubators to integrate the materials in their trainings
  • A pdf-version of the Guidance Tool
  • An assessment tool to evaluate the circularity of your Business Model
  • A CircularStart Business Model Canvas

If you have any open questions check out the FAQs