Tutorial Video

This video gives you an overview of the CircularStart project outcomes: how to use our website, the tools, and the eLearning course.

Guidance Tool

Check out the online version of the guidance tool here. Alternatively you can also download the tool as a pdf file here:

Assessment Tool

The goal of the CircularStart Assessment tool is to help you holistically integrate and assess circularity aspects of your business model. It has been developed as part of the online course and is integrated into the different modules and units. Download as Excel file:

Manual for Instructors

This manual gives a detailed overview of the contents of all the Circular Start eLearning materials, and guides trainers and instructors in applying them best for their purposes. Download as pdf file:

Business Model Canvas

We encourage course participants to use our adapted version of the Business Model Canvas throughout the course to frame, describe and assess your evolving Business Model. Download as an Excel or pdf file:

Lessons learned

In our lessons learned chronicle, coaches and instructors, Start-ups, as well as Consortium partners share their experiences with the project results.